This Business is Dedicated 

Maria Olga Gutierrez

~ Our Mom & Nana ~ 

We love you!! We Miss You!!

 Our Mission Statement

Dedicated and Ready!.. 

To serve in honor 

of your life's special events, 

 by providing pleasurable, 

flavorful fulfilling foods,

 creating treasurable moments 

 that make your dream event feel 

fun, comforting, enjoyable, satisfying and affordable.


  Creating Memories Your Way,

Creating History. 

About Dedicated Catering

Hello, I am Frances, Owner of Dedicated Catering 

along my sides are my sons

Antonio and Ruperto who help carry this family business.


Before chasing my dream as a caterer, 

I first started my run in reinventing "the tamale".

I love food, and I especially love bold flavors

that spark a, "Auh,, so good!" expression.


Authentic traditional tamales are always ones favorite to us tamale natives.

My Mom was one of many that made great tasting traditional tamales... 

(mmm, miss your tamales mom)


However, tamales in general are not given much credit

by the unfamiliar taster as tamale natives give and respect.


So, I decided to reinvent the tamale

by adding new bold flavors, and style!


I wasn't able to share this experience with my mom 

but, I can share it with you!


The Root of the business that flourished 

Dedicated Catering.

In the process of reinventing "the tamale" and

sharing it with others opened questions to,

"what else can you cook?" " you cater?"...

and from there you now have,

"Dedicated Catering"  

 more than just tamales .. 

Try some tamales today, 

Get 20% off your first Order

Thank you! 

May peace, love, joy, fun, laughter, good food and good drinks be with you!....


Thank you, Jeff A... 

who taught me all I know in catering,

- Frances C*

Dedicated Catering

 - looking forward to serving you and your guest -